My interest in holistic disciplines and alternative therapies has given me the possibility as well as the honor of working as an interpreter with some of the most prestigious names in this field. I have been for years the Italian voice of Roy Martina, Eric Pearl and Isabelle von Fallois. Besides their events, I also translated seminars for: Rosemary Altea (English) Chris Cowan & Natasha Todorovic (English) Wayne Dyer (English) Rick Jarow (English) Tad & Adriana James (English) Frank Kinslow (English) Bruce Lipton (English) Joey Martina (English) Mayana & Kerwin Bradshaw (English) Gary Quinn (English) Vianna Stibal (English) Mark & Nicola Taylor (English) Doreen Virtue (English) Brian Weiss (English) Jean-Claude Badard (French) Justine de Nantes (French) Michelle J. Noel (French) Eduard & Judith Van den Bogaert (French) and conferences for: Dannion Brinkley (English) Kathrin Brinkley (English) Doug De Vito (English) Glennyce Eckersley (English) Arielle Ford (English) Barbara Haider Rauter (English) Hubert Kölsch (English) Konstantin Korotkov (English) Georges Lahy (French) Patricia Martina (English) René Martina (English) Lynne McTaggart (English) Raymond Moody (English) Vera Peiffer (English) Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Elisabeth Samnøy (English) James Redfield (English) James Twyman (English) Karina Wagner (English) Neale Donald Walsch (English) My knowledge of the retail world has enabled me to also translate events for Coop Italia, Il Sole 24 Ore and Kiki Lab.


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